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Sonia Burel : artiste peintre
Art géométrique, peinture abstraite
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Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelPortrait by the artist
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelText by Bruno Mathon
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelInterview by Bruno Mathon
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelCollage by Bruno Mathon
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelCanal Saint Martin by Bruno Mathon
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelInstallation by the artist
Workshop of Bruno Mathon, artist and Art critic
Ateliers Beaux-Arts of Paris ( drawing, painting, gravure )
DEUG de Langues Étrangères Appliquées Université de Paris 8 English - German
Atelier-school Leconte, Paris
Academy La Grande Chaumière, Paris


This is a picture for every day, or actually a simulated picture doubling the moment and its light. Three-dimensional poetry in a tiny space: a Polaroid snapshot. Mounted on this most instant of photographic bases, though the photo has nothing to do with it, appears the artist’s dream, miscast but not mismanaged.

The absurdity of stopping time through photography is not being ridiculed, in swapping the mechanical image for a collage, but the result is more expressive than the small image possible with a Polaroid camera. Sonia mixes her miniatures with dreams acting as postage stamps to a whole world of objects barely visible, but yet seen so often: signs evoking travel: plane tags, subway tickets, decorated insides of envelopes, wine glass mats.

She moves away from future cities, soaring high, travelling far, through labyrinthine pictures of tiny electronic circuits. She joins in with her paintbrush, splashing short-lived joy with her geometric colored forms, joy of being there, joy of the fleeting moment; giving slight, almost mechanical pleasure through the endless repetition of the tiny motif. Is this not the very soul of modernity in permanent form, the soul that has its origins in the collages of cubism ?

Bruno Mathon,
Paris, february 2010
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