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Sonia Burel : artiste peintre
Art géométrique, peinture abstraite
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Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelPortrait by the artist
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelText by Bruno Mathon
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelInterview by Bruno Mathon
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelCollage by Bruno Mathon
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelCanal Saint Martin by Bruno Mathon
Lire le portrait de Sonia BurelInstallation by the artist
Workshop of Bruno Mathon, artist and Art critic
Ateliers Beaux-Arts of Paris ( drawing, painting, gravure )
DEUG de Langues Étrangères Appliquées Université de Paris 8 English - German
Atelier-school Leconte, Paris
Academy La Grande Chaumière, Paris

In the painting’s hide-and seek game, the painting while it is being made obviously hides from the painter’s view. It abandons itself only at the conclusion of a fight whose strategy varies according to the individuals, every man to his own weapons…. Sonia knows her own shapes, she holds them well ; she does not escape to this strategy that consists of forcing the painting to unveil. This does not signify that it is going to fall down like this, completly raw on the canvas and deliver without a fight its secret; no the battle will be slowly carried on after mature reflection. Most certainly it is also a game that for her looks more like a game of go than of checkers…Her game is intense and fresh.

To elaborate light from simple shapes, from geometrical figures is not an easy thing. To give life to a painting’s surface without the security of an image is neither sidestepping nor refusing reality, it is a risk… Sonia knows it because she looks at the world and the often blurred sparkling of its lights. She merges sensitivity and boundlessness into a song of colors. Her own perception creates plastic musicality , seizing your eye and putting it into movement. She makes it enter into scintillating free space : a space liberated from representation.

These absolute rules she has imposed upon herself far from diminishing the fantasy and imagination in her work create a play ground for her colors ; there they live and dance in accordance with the repeated steps the painter choreagrapher has chosen : they are joyful, secret, mysterious, they sing and it is the space itself that sparkles.

Bruno Mathon,
Paris, march 2007
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